About B

At the risk of being way too open, here’s me:

First and foremost I’m a Dad and Husband.  I’ve got a wife that’s smarter and prettier than me and a daughter who’s sense of humor is second to none.  They challenge me daily to be more than I was yesterday.

Like many people crossing the halfway line of their lives, I’ve had many careers.  Some successful, and some not so much.  What I can say about all of them is that I learned everything I could from every experience, and it’s all made me who I am today.

I’m a geek… I’m old enough to have been one before it was “cool”.   I love all things technology, and I get really excited when I see effective uses of technology in education.


I’m a runner.  Well, sort of.  I’m more of a walker for very long distances.  I’m slow, and a little pathetic.  Roanoke, VA is a beautiful place to run, bike, etc.  We’re the home of the Blue Ridge Marathon.  Dubbed “The Toughest Road Marathon in the World”.  With a challenge like that, you’ve got to try it, right?  It pushes me out of the house and forces me to be social, at least with my small group of “running friends”.  I ran my first marathon in 2016 in Richmond, VA (that’s my wife and I on the left side of the picture).  It was awful (not the marathon, just my performance), so of course I’m going to do it again.  So far, I’ve only run the Blue Ridge Half Marathon.  Someday, I expect to have a lapse in good judgement and attempt the full.

I’m a musician.  I’ve loved music as long as I can remember.  I’m not a “good” musician, but what I lack in talent, I think I make up for in enthusiasm.   I started playing

guitar at thirteen, and drums at sixteen.  I’m a terrible guitarist, and was (many years ago) a pretty fair drummer.

I can’t begin to describe the joy of performing in my current group “Einstein’s Monkey”.   We perform Rock & Roll for families.  Not careful tunes, but in your face, get up and dance stuff influenced by the Ramones, Stray Cats, The Who, Billy Idol, and more.   The kids (and their parents) LOVE it.  We hear all the time from parents and educators about how much they appreciate hearing “real” music.  We’ve even been known to slip in a little education here and there.

I’ve been known to work in theater, here and there.   Actually, until recently, I probably spent more time in theaters than anywhere else in the world.  I’ve been a lighting designer, sound operator, music writer, scene designer, carpenter and performer.   The best thing about theater is that it teaches you about deadlines.  Never, ever, ever do you hear a director say “Hey, it’s okay if we’re not ready by opening night.”.

That’s me as Captain Hook.