Think before you post!

Okay, we’ve all heard it before, and I have said it probably a million times to faculty, staff and students: Think before you post!

Yet, in a prime example of do as I say, not as I do, I foolishly posted a rant on a Facebook page this weekend that was not only uncalled for, but entirely inaccurate.   So, I want to take a moment here to offer myself up as an object lesson, as well as toss out some much deserved kudos to the company who’s page I posted on.

Back in July, I bought an amp that I’m not particularly happy with.  This isn’t anyone’s fault but my own.  I could have not bought it, and I’m certain I could have returned it, but I kept hoping it would sound better to me… go figure.  Poor thinking on my part!  So, this Saturday morning, I’m listening to some music on it, and decide to go out and look at what it’s selling for.  Perhaps, I can sell it used or something?   When I discover it’s selling for just over half what I paid for it, I immediately rushed out to Facebook and crucified the dealer on their page (Audiotronics).  That’ll show ’em!

Of course, two minutes later I realized the price I paid was perfectly fair.  The price didn’t drop on the unit for several more months.  So, feeling somewhat embarrassed at my rash behavior, I went back to their page and deleted my post.    One can’t help but wonder what the hell I was thinking in the first place, given that they’ve never been anything short of awesome to me in the past…

When I came in to work this morning, there was an email from Alan Guyes to me (at work, no less) offering to work with me, and explaining what happened with the pricing.  Now, think about this.  I posted, then deleted not two minutes later, and still the company took the time to look up my records, check on the complaint, contact me directly (not just through Facebook) and offer to help on a complaint from a purchase six months old.    It’s this sort of drop dead awesome service that EVERY retail company should be striving for, and I dissed them on Facebook.

Needless to say, I’m embarrassed and ashamed of my own behavior which is why I’m taking a minute to give them a shout out.  It’s a lesson hard learned for me.  It’s not enough to delete a post – at the speed of information the damage is done the moment you hit post.  I’ve (and all of us) got to be more cognizant of the thoughts that we share in a public forum.  There was a time when we were all taught to think before we speak, because what you say can’t be unsaid.  Never has this been more true than right now.

And to the Alan Guyes at Audiotronics – I’m really sorry, and you can expect me in soon to make a guilt purchase!  You’ve earned me as a customer for life, assuming you’ll have me.