Don’t you hate it when someone else gives your presentation?

Day one of UBTech is completed, and so far the presentations have been excellent.  Lecture capture certainly seems to be on a lot of minds.  I sat in on a nearly full session about lecture capture implementation in 12 months… If that sounds familiar, it’s because my own session is on the same subject!  Luckily, I’ve taken a somewhat different approach.  However, I did feel compelled to make some last minute adjustments to my slides to clarify those differences.   We’ll see how today goes.


Tonight, I took the opportunity to see “Love” . I’m not a huge Beatles fan, so my expectation was not overly high. I have to say that I was blown away! Having seen the Michael Jackson show just a few weeks ago, this show seemed downright intimate. With only a few thousand seats, and none of the highly visible rock and roll glitzy technology, the focus was on the performers and the interpretation of the music and the times, which was done masterfully. This is not to say the show lacked for technology. Sonically, this was a masterpiece. Anyone that has worked with sound in the round understands the challenges. Add to that the challenge of pulling music and soundbytes from a wide spectrum of recordings and getting them to soung good together, and you’ve got yourself a nightmare. With only one obvious exception, the sound was simply amazing. It alway seemed to be surrounding me, full and vibrant and not obvious in it’s placement in the room (except when it ticked my ears a bit from the speakers in the seat).

Just as with the last show, there was always too much to see. The three (and often more) ring circus feel was prevalent throughout the show. One of the most striking effects was dropping strings of LED lights throughout the room to glitter like nuclear fireflies. The sensation of being immersed in the effect added a surreal 3D feeling that is hard to explain, but amazing to experience.

So, goal one: see a great Vegas show. Check!


First airport

After an astoundingly short flight to D.C. I find myself faced with the usual airport food decisions. Subway it is. I’m now testing to Blogsy for posting to the blog. Hence the reason for this overly mundane post.


Next stop: Vegas please!

Getting ready to fly out to Las Vegas for UBTech and InfoComm. Stay tuned here for updates about AV, and whatever else I feel like writing about. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter as well: @TheEduGeek