Just who the hell am I?

So, in the face of changes to my family’s life, I’m forced to look in the mirror.  Man, I hate that!

Today, I’m out looking around the world to see what kind of job I could be doing, if I find I can’t stay in the one I have anymore.  My degree specialization certainly offers a wide range of opportunities.  As an instructional technologist, I can certainly seem to find plenty of jobs posted.  The problem is that most of them seem horribly limited compared to what I do now.   I’m not a traditional instructional technologist.  I spend a lot of time understanding the media itself (controls, projectors, etc.), as well as understanding how to apply good pedagogy.  Most jobs seem to be more about creating class shells or assessing content created for online delivery or whatever.  Sure, I can do that… but what do I do with the other 95% of my brain?

So, does this mean I’m not a not an instructional technologist? Yeah, probably.   I’m certainly not a programmer or network person (despite the words on my undergrad degree).  That’s WAY too limited for me.   I am a teacher of teachers, but no one seems to want that.  Somehow, there is still this assumption that teachers just naturally understand how to teach.  Sure, to some degree, but…

So, what am I?  More importantly, how do I find places that realize they need the person I am, and want to challenge me?  Certainly, I can’t seem to help people that work with me now understand the scope of what I do, or how much more I can, and want to do – and this is by far the best job I’ve ever had.

and… is who I am going to change through this process (probably), and will I still like this guy I see in the mirror?