Where’s my flying car?

More importantly, where is all of the other cool stuff I was supposed to have by now? I keep reading about amazing collaborative classrooms, chock full of technology and brilliant instructors. Who are these people, and why haven’t I found them at my college? For years now, I’ve been singing the praises of furniture and technology that is flexible, movable, and comfortable. Yet, in just 90 days, we’ll open yet another building that, while beautiful, is furnished just like it would have been in 1968. Why aren’t students rebelling (do they not know better)? Why don’t instructors fight (I know some of them know better)? What’s the magic button I need to push? …or am I just misled? Is the collaborative classroom, flipped classroom, MOOC, etc. just our flying car; something we all thought we’d have by now but really can’t justify the trouble of trying to create?