Publishers suck, but then so does pretty much everyone else

Last night Stephen Colbert came out with a scathing attack on Amazon for preventing his book sales.   Sure, I’d be pissed too if I had my sales trashed by a big, faceless, multinational corporation.   Oh, wait… yeah, that’s actually sort of true.  I’ve been creating music for years.   No big, faceless, multinational music corporation has ever shown any interest in selling my music, so I’ve never had the ability to be heard (and bought), because of the decision of a few people.  Wait, yeah, no that’s not entirely accurate either: my music IS available on Amazon – another big, faceless multinational corporation.

Yes, much like the many self published authors who’s books I buy on Amazon, my music is easily available to anyone in the world with a credit card and an Internet connection.   I don’t enjoy the huge checks that Colbert probably has seen, but it’s safe to argue my music isn’t nearly as good as his books, either.  It’s a trade off.

Don’t get me wrong.  Ultimately, the blame does lie with Amazon, and we the consumers.  Amazon built their business on selling books at an amazingly low price, and we certainly have supported that model.  That is a tough mode to maintain.   I think the best compromise here is for Amazon to back track and make Hachette’s books available – at full retail price.   Then, everyone wins.  Amazon proves a point, Colbert’s book is available to those willing to pay full price for it, and the rest of us will continue to buy books from self published sources where the author (not a publishing company) reaps the vast majority of the sales price.

… and if you want to buy my music, you can pick it up here: